Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management are two highly important facets of almost every single business, affecting both the profits and the reputation immeasurably. But what exactly are they and how are they so important to an organization?

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is essentially the management of different – yet connected – businesses that are all part of a chain when supplying a customer. This means that the chain encompasses everything from the production, transport and sale of the item in question, monitoring the effectiveness of these different components. A successful supply chain will keep costs for the business down, yet also allow a great product to be delivered to the end consumer.

Supply Chain Management is essential in the modern world as companies find themselves competing in a global marketplace, which has been facilitated by the advent of the internet. To effectively compete in this market, large companies must ensure that every stage of their product’s life – up to the point of sale – is carefully managed and that any potential issues are corrected. With many different businesses often providing different components, it is vitally important that there is both an overall goal in place and also a strategy to ensure everyone is working in synch with each other.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy used by most established businesses, in order to control the way in which the organizations interacts with its customers and other clients. This is done through the use of various technologies that both organize and monitor the way in which this process is carried out – from sales all the way through to the way that the product of service is marketed.

Customer Service Management is essential because it increases the businesses ability to synchronize their sales tactics, therefore raising the chance of a successful sale. It also increases the overall quality of service and increases management’s ability to support their staff.