What is realizable with Python and SQL?

Python and SQL are two of the most widely used and effective tools that a programmer can have at his or her disposal, both boasting a wide range of applications and plus-points that raise them above the other languages in their categories. But what can each one be used for?


Python is used by many of the world’s leading organizations, such as Google, NASA and Sugar Labs. Here are some of its many uses:

  • Python is often used in scientific computing, which is facilitated through the use of many different libraries, such as Matplotlib.
  • Python can be used to create complex yet understandable applications when used in conjunction with a good web application framework, such as Pylons or Turbogears.
  • Python and especially psycopg2 can and has been used in many different types of software products as the main scripting language. It has been used in GIMP, Maya and Blender.
  • One of the main components that Python is used for is for installers, with this being the case in Ubuntu and Red Hat Linux using the Ubiquity and Anaconda version respectively.
  • Python can also be used within information security, often to prevent systems from being exploited.


SQL is one of the leading database creating computer language in the world, and these databases have many uses throughout the technological world:

  • For those with an online store, SQL can manage a variety of aspects within their business. This includes the customer database, the inventory and the stock availability of all goods.
  • For more service based organizations, SQL can be used for keeping up to date with customers and managing a pricing structure related to this.

As can be seen, individually these two powerful languages can be used in a multitude of situations. However, when used together they can create even more effective and user friendly applications and if the user always ensures they use the latest version of pyscopg2 they will be even better. For more details visit the pysqlite website, where there is more advice and handy tips regarding every aspect of these subjects.